Layston Music

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of becoming a Layston Music Client/Student


*  Fees for each half term are payable in FULL and to be received ON or BEFORE the first lesson of each half term.
* You will be invoiced half-termly in advance for your PRIVATE and/or GROUP lessons. Weekly payments are at the discretion of Layston Music's Centre Manager (Talena Cuthbert)
* All weeks must be paid for whether you/your child attends or not.
* Please notify & book holidays at least 6 weeks in advance or at the beginning of a half term.
**You MUST give 48 hours notice to cancel an AD-HOC session, otherwise FULL SESSION FEE will be charged.**



*There is a one-off registration fee of £10 per student payable on or before the first lesson. This fee includes a Layston Music tote/book bag.



*Please give us 1 month (4 weeks) notice to “give-up” your music/vocal lessons & leave Layston Music


* Students must inform Layston Music of any illness or condition which may affect their ability to participate in the scheduled musical activities in the lessons - the lesson plans can then be changed in accordance with the student's needs.
* Layston Music expects ALL students to show due respect and manners to ALL staff & fellow students at all times.
* Layston Music gives you the opportunity to perform at our two annual shows - Winter & Summer. Please inform Layston Music if you are unable to perform as schedules are made well in advance.



* By having lessons, you are giving your consent for Layston Music to publish photographs/videos involving yourself/your child in our classes & performances.

If for any reason this is not possible, you MUST inform us.