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Pioneering Music Education at Layston Music

At the heart of Layston Music beats the creative vision of Talena Cuthbert. With a mission rooted in equality, Talena founded Layston Music on the principle that quality music education should be accessible to everyone. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the music industry – encompassing dynamic performances, soulful songwriting, and extensive touring – coupled with 20 years of teaching expertise, Talena possesses a unique ability to personalise music lessons according to your specific needs.


Whether you're looking for intensive vocal coaching to unleash your inner metal voice or starting from scratch with piano lessons and songwriting, Layston Music is your transformative musical sanctuary.

Why Choose Layston Music:

  • Tailored Expertise: Benefit from personalised lessons meticulously tailored to your aspirations and skill level.

  • Comprehensive Credentials: Talena holds a BA Hons degree, ABRSM qualifications, and is a member of MU, ensuring a high standard of musical education.

  • Specialised Experience: With a decade of dedicated teaching and mentoring experience in Special Educational Needs (SEND) and children's mental health, Talena offers a nurturing and understanding approach.

  • Certified Excellence: Talena possesses Level 2 Children's Mental Health and Good Autism Practice certificates, ensuring an inclusive learning environment.

  • Industry Recognition: Layston Music is affiliated with Arts Award and Rockschool Grades, reflecting a commitment to professional musical development.

For extreme vocal coaching, piano mastery, or any musical aspiration in between, Layston Music is your haven. Contact us to check availability and embark on your musical journey today.

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