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Layston Music | Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Becoming a Layston Music Client/Student


Updated: April 2024



By becoming a student/client of Layston Music and by having music lessons with Layston Music, you (or your parent/guardian) are agreeing to the below terms and conditions. 


* Lessons are booked and invoiced in half-termly blocks. 

* Fees for each half term are payable in FULL and to be received ON or BEFORE the first lesson of each half term. 

* You will be invoiced half-termly in advance for your PRIVATE & GROUP lessons. Weekly payments are at the discretion of Layston Music's Centre Manager (Talena Cuthbert) 

* All weeks must be paid for whether you/your child attends or not.

* Lesson videos can be made in the case of absence for you to continue your practice at home and catch up, as long as notice is given before the start of the session time.

Remember, we offer lessons over zoom so that if you cannot attend in person, you can do your lesson on Zoom. 

* Please book holidays before the term commences so that we can book that day/time with other clients. 

* If accounts are not brought up to date (termly invoices paid) within 4 weeks of term lessons starting, the lesson time will be offered to a student on our waiting list. 

* 48 Hours’ notice must be given for our ad-hoc clients otherwise full session will be charged.

Illness procedure:

•       If a student is unwell with potentially contagious symptoms, the student must inform Layston Music as soon as possible. If the student is well enough to take part in a lesson then it will go ahead remotely via Zoom video. If the student is not well enough to take part in a lesson then a lesson video will made (and sent via our MyMusicStaff portal) for the student to practice with and continue our learning. 

•       If the teacher is unwell with potentially contagious symptoms, then a face-to-face lesson should not take place. The lesson will be given remotely via Zoom video. If the teacher is not well enough to teach a lesson then an alternative “make-up” session will be offered. 



*Please give us 1 month (4 weeks) notice to “give-up” your instrumental/vocal lessons & leave Layston Music. We will be sorry to see you go.  



* Students must inform Layston Music of any illness or condition which may affect their ability to participate in the scheduled musical activities in the lessons - the lesson plans can then be changed in accordance to what the student needs. 

* Layston Music expects ALL students to show due respect and manners to ALL staff & fellow students at all times. 

* Layston Music gives you a wonderful opportunity to perform at our two annual shows - Winter & Summer. Please inform Layston Music if you are unable to perform as schedules are made well in advance. 


 * By having lessons, you are permitting for Layston Music to publish photographs/videos involving yourself/your child in our classes & performances. These photographs/videos will be used for publicity and marketing purposes only. 


If for any reason this is not possible, you MUST inform us. 


Layston Music Agrees To:

* Confidentiality of Data: All personal and sensitive data collected from our users will be stored securely and treated with the utmost confidentiality. We guarantee that no such data will be shared with third parties without the explicit consent of the data owner, except as required by law.


* DBS Checks: All our teachers and staff are required to have an up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. We also accept the new style DBS checks that are updated annually online, ensuring continuous monitoring and compliance with our safety standards.


* Public Liability Insurance: We maintain comprehensive public liability insurance to cover all potential claims of injury or loss caused by or during the activity conducted by our organisation. This insurance protects both our clients and our establishment against unforeseen events.


* Safeguarding Policy: We have a robust safeguarding policy in place to ensure the welfare of all individuals under our care. This policy is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect current regulations and best practices in the protection and safety of our participants.

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