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Layston Music: Embracing a Harmonious Year of Music Together

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

I trust this post finds you well and rejuvenated after a peaceful August break. It is with immense joy that I welcome you back to our music lessons, as we embark on a new season filled with learning, growth, and musical exploration.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some crucial updates and reminders with you.

New Practice Charts on a Calendar Printout:

This year, we are thrilled to introduce a novel way to track your practice sessions. In our upcoming lessons, we will distribute practice charts on a calendar printout, enabling you to record your daily practice times. To parents, I kindly request your invaluable support in acknowledging each 15-minute practice session completed by your child. This simple step will assist us in monitoring progress and ensuring that everyone maintains their practice routines.

Important Lesson Fee Adjustment:

I wish to remind you of a slight modification in our lesson fees. Effective as of August 31, 2023, there has been a modest increase of £2 per hour in our lesson fees. This adjustment is essential to sustain our commitment to delivering high-quality music education and maintaining our studio's resources.

Understanding Terms and Conditions and Our Holiday Schedule:

In our pursuit of transparent and effective music lessons, we will provide you with a printout of our terms and conditions in the upcoming lessons. These terms comprehensively outline essential aspects of our music education program, encompassing payment procedures, lesson scheduling, and expectations from both students and parents. I urge you to dedicate some time to review these terms attentively.

Additionally, we will also distribute a printout detailing our term and holiday schedule in the upcoming lessons. This resource will aid you in planning your lessons and commitments throughout the upcoming year.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the fee adjustment, practice charts, terms and conditions, or any other matter related to our music lessons, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Maintaining open lines of communication is pivotal to ensuring a successful and enriching learning experience for all.

I eagerly anticipate another year of musical growth and accomplishment with each one of you. Together, we shall create beautiful music and nurture a profound love for learning and creativity through music.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for entrusting me with your musical education, and I eagerly await our next lesson together. Let us unite to make this year truly harmonious and unforgettable!

Warm regards,

Talena Cuthbert

Layston Music

Instagram: @laystonmusic

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