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Navigating the Musical Journey: Updates and Opportunities at Layston Music

As we edge closer to the half-term holidays, it’s a pivotal moment to pause and reflect on the progress we’ve made at Layston Music, and also to look ahead at the exciting opportunities and updates that await our music community. Whether you're a budding musician honing your skills, a student gearing up for exams, or someone interested in exploring the therapeutic side of music, we have important updates and reminders for you.

Half Term Lessons: Planning Ahead

The rhythm of learning at Layston Music adapts to the ebb and flow of the academic calendar, and with the half-term holidays nearly upon us, it's crucial to plan our musical journey accordingly. For those of you on fortnightly lessons, it's essential to note that if your lesson week coincides with the half-term break and you wish to have a lesson that week, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, your next lesson will be scheduled for two weeks after the half-term. This break in routine offers a chance to recharge, but for those eager to continue without pause, we’re here to accommodate.

Exam Preparations: A Special Note

Looking ahead, we understand that the next half-term is a critical period for our students preparing for exams before the Easter holidays. It's imperative to acknowledge that some exams may need to be scheduled outside of your regular lesson times. This requires flexibility and additional planning, so we urge students and parents to stay proactive in communicating their needs and scheduling these important assessments.

Term Dates and Updates

We're excited to share that all our term dates are now readily accessible on the Layston Music website. We encourage everyone to check these dates regularly, as adjustments may occur to accommodate special events or holidays. For instance, with Easter Friday falling on the 29th March, we’ve scheduled our final lessons of the half-term for Thursday, 28th March. Lessons will resume after a two-week break, starting again on Friday, 12th April.

Additionally, please note that Paul and Talena will not be available for lessons on Thursday, 14th March. If you'd like to reschedule your lesson to Monday, 11th March, kindly inform us as soon as possible. Otherwise, we'll see you at your next scheduled lesson.

Music Mentoring and Song Therapy Sessions

Beyond the conventional lessons and exams, Layston Music is thrilled to announce that our Music Mentoring and Song Therapy sessions are now in full swing, both in schools and as private sessions. Starting from after Easter, these sessions will be available on Mondays, offering a unique blend of musical learning and emotional expression through music. These sessions are designed to nurture your musical talents and support your wellbeing, aligning with our belief in the transformative power of music.

In Conclusion

As we navigate through the rhythms of the academic year and the melodies of our musical journey, Layston Music remains committed to supporting each student’s unique path. Whether through regular lessons, exam preparations, or the healing notes of music therapy, we're here to ensure your experience is enriching and fulfilling.

Remember, music is not just about the notes between the pages; it's about the stories we tell, the emotions we express, and the community we build. Let's continue to make beautiful music together.

For any inquiries, scheduling requests, or further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here’s to a harmonious term ahead!

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing this musical journey together. Stay tuned, stay musical!

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